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Many of the Cash Advance Lending Websites are NOT Direct Lenders rather Lead Generators who refer you to other sites.

Here are some of the Advantages in dealing with a Direct Lender:

Only one party is involved vs. being referred to another Lender.
No middle-man, just call BaaZing or 400 EZ Cash DIRECTLY for Customer Service.
You can apply and be approved online for a cash advance directly.
Your information is not being shared with multiple outside parties.
Quick and Direct!
Funds are typically available immediately.
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BaaZing & 400 EZ CASH are a division of Legacy Group Financial, a Delware Corporation


I applied for a Line of Credit at BaaZing / 400 EZ Cash because of a situation I could not control. $400 cash was deposited into my checking account overnight. Thanks again!

Julia M.

I needed some cash fast without any of those long applications. I was approved for a Line of Credit instantly without a credit check. I will definitely be using your service in the future

Anna R.


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